Download 1000 Questions and Answers from Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine, 2e PDF Free

Download 1000 Questions and Answers from Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine, 2e PDF Free
by Parveen Kumar CBE BSc MD DM (HC) FRCP FRCP(Edin) (Editor), Michael L Clark MD FRCP (Editor)

 What causes hypertension in children? 
• Is it common for epileptic patients to have post-ictal vomiting? If so, how often does this occur? 
• Why is the incidence of parkinsonism less common in smokers? 
• What is the role of urine examination in diabetic control? 

Where do you turn to when you have a difficult medical question that needs answering? 

The ‘Ask the Author’ online feature from the best-selling textbook Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine has collected a wealth of questions and comments directly from medical students and doctors about topics that are of particular interest or difficulty to them. 

Kumar and Clark have brought together over 1000 of the questions they have been asked along with their answers. It will appeal to the many fans of Kumar & Clark, from first-year students to practising doctors, and will provide a useful and interesting sounding board to help ensure best practice.

This unique book will provide you with a quick and easy way to discover the answers to your own medical questions…!
The writing style is appealing and conversational, designed to entertain as well as instruct.
Carries the ‘Kumar & Clark’ stamp of authority.
All questions fully indexed for ease of reference.
Covers topics that are easily misunderstood in medicine – good preparation for medical students, senior house officers/interns and specialists in training/residents preparing for written or oral exams.

This book is a compilation of questions, which you, the readers of Clinical Medicine, have sent to us. In this second edition we have replaced some of the older questions with more relevant and up-to-date ones. We have also increased the number of questions in each chapter. We have tried to keep the book as authentic as possible by inserting questions as you have phrased them. It is therefore not a complete coverage of all that is in Clinical Medicine. A number of your questions were quite penetrating and raised issues that were quite unusual. These were quite a challenge to answer! We are told that readers have found the book useful in answering the many intriguing questions that are presented to us by patients every day.
We would like to thank all the authors of Clinical Medicinewho, with their hard work in producing coherent chapters, made this book possible. 
The answers to your questions were mainly gleaned from these chapters in Clinical Medicine.We would also like to thank all of you who have sent in questions; these are always extremely helpful in making changes to new editions of Clinical Medicine.Please continue to send in your questions and also your interesting 
comments to us. We find them all extremely valuable. We hope you find this book helpful and of interest

Download 1000 Questions and Answers from Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine, 2e PDF Free

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