Download 100 Questions & Answers About Breast Surgery 1st Edition

Download 100 Questions & Answers About Breast Surgery 1st Edition PDF
by Joseph J. Disa (Author), Marie Czenko Kuechel (Author)

Let me begin by saying it is a pleasure for me to write a foreword to this book by Joseph Disa and Maria Czenko Kuechel on 100 Questions & Answers About Breast Surgery.Having read the draft manuscript of the book, I can say that this is quite a uniqueundertaking. Dr. Disa and Ms. Kuechel have written a patient- andwomen-friendly book on all aspects of breast surgery includingcosmetic as well as reconstructive. This book is both informativeand scientifically accurate about various issues associated withbreast surgery, including how to choose what surgery to have aswell as how to recover from or prepare for surgery.
I expect that this book will prove to be very popular to bothfuture patients for breast surgery as well as physicians who areinvolved in breast surgery. I personally plan to have several copiesof this book handy in my office to share with patients so that theycan be more comfortable and better informed regarding breastoperations.
Let me finish by congratulating Dr. Disa and Ms. Kuechel on amost informative and valuable book that should be very helpful towomen who confront these issues

More than half a million women undergo therapeutic or cosmetic breast surgery each year. Whether you or a loved one is undergoing breast surgery for therapeutic or cosmetic reasons, the options and information about breast surgery can be overwhelming. This invaluable resource offers the guidance and advice you need. Written by a prominent plastic and reconstructive surgeon and by a consumer advocate and consultant to the industry of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, 100 Questions & Answers About Breast Surgery gives you authoritative, practical answers to your pre- and post-surgery questions, including how to find a surgeon, cautions and pre-cautions, psychological issues, procedures, types of breast surgery, and much more.


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