Disorders of the Shoulder: Diagnosis and Management (2 Volume Set)

Disorders of the Shoulder: Diagnosis and Management (2 Volume Set) PDF Download

Expanded to two volumes, Disorders of the Shoulder, Second Edition is a comprehensive, current, and authoritative clinical reference for residents, fellows, shoulder specialists, and general orthopaedic surgeons. This edition features greatly expanded coverage of arthroscopic treatment and hundreds of new full-color arthroscopic images. Arthroscopic and open techniques are integrated into all relevant disorder-specific chapters, so that readers can compare open to arthroscopic procedures and select the most effective treatment option. New chapters cover diagnosis of glenohumeral instability; management of bone and soft tissue loss in revision arthroplasty; minimally invasive techniques for proximal humeral fractures; hemiarthroplasty for proximal humeral fractures; and suprascapular and axillary nerve injuries.

All clinical chapters include treatment algorithms and the authors' preferred treatment. More than 2,400 illustrations—743 in full color—complement the text.

Like the first edition of Disorders of the Shoulder: Diagnosis and Management, the second edition is intended to be a valuable reference text for any student of shoulder disorders— including shoulder, hand, and sports medicine subspecialists, orthopedic generalists with a subspecialty interest in shoulder disorders, orthopedic residents and fellows, and rehabilitation professionals. The contributing authors are experts in shoulder surgery from around the world, many of whom have trained with us over the last 1 5 years. In addition, we have authored or coauthored many of the chapters in the second edition and have contributed many figures to others, with the goal of producing a comprehensive text with a cohesive philosophy for diagnosis and treatment. The multidisciplinary aspect of shoulder disorders remains a common theme, with extensive coverage of supportive fields, including anesthesia, pain management, and rehabilitation.
Some of the best attributes of the first edition have been combined with new ideas to enhance the second edition. Treatment algorithms remain an important defining element, as we believe a logical, protocol-driven approach to common shoulder problems is valuable. Separate chapters on complications of surgical management of common shoulder disorders have been maintained. Basic science principles important to the pathogenesis and treatment of shoulder disorders continue to be emphasized, with a strong effort to correlate the basic science information with clinical practice. Treatment recommendations are grounded
in peer-reviewed evidence and clinical experience, with concise, clinically relevant bibliographies.
The depth of certain chapters has been expanded to correspond to recent changes in clinical practice. Discussion of minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgery for a wide spectrum of rotator cuff pathology and instability problems has been added. Material on complex and revision surgery for j oint replacement, rotator cuff repair, muscle transfer, and complex instability surgery has been updated.
The chapters on scapular disorders and brachial plexus inj uries contain new information on pathogenesis and treatment. Principles of tissue engineering that may be relevant in the future management of rotator cuff disorders are outlined in the chapter on anatomy, pathogenesis, and biomechanics of rotator cuff disease. Finally, reverse shoulder arthroplasty for arthritis and cuff deficiency and bonesparing humeral resurfacing arthroplasty are new topics in the second edition.
One of the challenges of any comprehensive medical text is to stay current with the evolution of clinical practice. The field of shoulder surgery is evolving more rapidly than most orthopedic subspecialties. This is both a curse and a blessing. It is impossible to match the unrelenting pace of discovery in the diagnosis and management of shoulder disorders. However, it is a privilege to try— a privilege made possible by the interest of you, the readers. We hope the second edition meets your expectations and piques your interest enough to j ustify the creation of a third edition

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