Clinical Gynecologic Oncology

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The first six editions of Clinical Gynecologic Oncology were stimulated by a recognized need for a readable text on gynecologic cancer and related subjects, addressed primarily to the community physician, resident, and other students involved with these patients. The practical aspects of the clinical presentation and management of these problems were heavily emphasized in the first six editions, and we have continued that style in this test. As in every other textbook, the authors interjected their own biases on many topics, especially in those areas where more than one approach to management has been utilized. On the other hand, most major topics are treated in depth and supplemented with ample references to current literature so that the text can provide a comprehensive resource for study by the resident, fellow, or student of gynecologic oncology and serve as a source for review material. We continued the practice of placing an outline on the first page of each chapter as a guide to the content for that section. The reader will notice that we included topics not discussed in the former editions and expanded areas previously introduced. Some of these areas include new guidelines for managing the dying patient, current management and reporting guidelines for cervical and vulvar cancer, current management and reporting guidelines for breast cancer, expanded discussion on the basic principles of genetic alterations in cancer, techniques for laparoscopic surgery in treatment of gynecologic cancers, and new information on breast and colon cancer screening and detection. The seventh edition contains, for the first time, color photographs of key gross and microscopic specimens for the reader’s review. In addition, Drs DiSaia and Creasman have included, several other authors for most of the chapters. Much more information is included to make the text as practical as possible for the practicing gynecologist. In addition, key points are highlighted for easy review.

Cognizant of our major sources of support and comfort, we wish to dedicate this work to our loving wives Patti DiSaia and Erble Creasman and our children John DiSaia, Steven DiSaia, Dominic DiSaia, Vincent DiSaia, Valrie Creasman-Duke, and Scott Creasman. Dedications Also, a note of deepest gratitude to all the women, past and present, who have trusted us with their care. These women nurtured the tree of knowledge contained in this book. The roots of this tree have been founded on the courage of these women and intertwined with their lives.

Clinical Gynecologic Oncology

By (author): Philip J. DiSaia MD, William T. Creasman MD

Thanks to improved detection technologies, early diagnosis and treatment, and innovative research, the outlook for gynecologic oncology patients is steadily improving every day. Offer your patients the best in diagnosis and management with the help of this leading reference on gynecologic malignancies. In addition to cancers of the female reproductive tract, the 7th Edition of this essential resource also discusses breast and colorectal disease, equipping you with the skills you need to provide effective and compassionate care for every patient.

  • Recognize the clinical presentation of gynecologic malignancies with the aid of detailed chapters organized by cancer type and size.
  • Apply authoritative guidance on all aspects of gynecologic oncology with appendices covering staging, screening, nutritional therapy, toxicity criteria, blood component therapy, radiological therapy, and commonly used statistical terms.
  • Easily identify and absorb key information with the aid of outlines at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Choose the best management plan for each patient using algorithms within each chapter.
  • Gain a fresh perspective on the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic malignancies with contributions from 2 new editors.
  • Stay up to date with expanded and updated chapters on genes and cancer, cervical cancer, and biologic therapy?plus all of the latest therapeutic protocols.
  • Review the latest information on laparoscopy, DVT complications, and infections and wounds.
  • Skillfully manage some of the most difficult challenges in your practice with comprehensive chapters on palliative care and quality of life.

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