Clinical Asthma Theory and Practice

Clinical Asthma Theory and Practice PDF

by Jonathan A. Bernstein (Editor), Mark L. Levy (Editor)

Asthma continues to be a major global problem, which is
increasing in prevalence, especially in developing countries.
Over 300 million people in the world now suffer from

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We have made enormous progress in asthma over
the last 50 years with better understanding of its complex
pathogenesis and we now have much more effective therapies,
so that most patients are now able to lead normal
lives. This has been the result of an enormous investment
in research, so that the scientific literature is now vast and
often difficult to integrate. That is why comprehensive and
in-depth books like this are of enormous value in updating
readers in a series of chapters written by world experts
on this disease. The great strength of this volume is that
it adopts a multidisciplinary approach, from basic mechanisms,
including genetics, inflammation, immunology, and
the identification of different endotypes, through to chapters
on the clinical management of patients and how this may
be improved. A major strength of the book is in its clinical
chapters, which describe diagnosis, triggers, and clinical
management in great detail, including the management of
asthma in special populations. Of particular importance are
the chapters dealing with asthma in the primary care setting,
where most asthma is now managed.
Although we understand much more about asthma and
have excellent therapies, provided they are used correctly,
many unanswered questions remain. We do not know why
only some people who are genetically predisposed develop
asthma, why asthma appears to improve during adolescence
and then often returns at some time in adulthood, or
why some patients develop severe asthma—which appears
to be a distinct disease. We still do not understand the different
phenotypes and endotypes of asthma and how these
should be treated differently. Inhaled corticosteroids have
revolutionized asthma therapy.

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