Clinical Anesthesia, 8e PDF Free Download

Clinical Anesthesia, 8e PDF Free Download

Where experts turn for definitive answers! Clinical Anesthesia covers the full spectrum of clinical issues and options in anesthesiology, providing insightful coverage of pharmacology, physiology, co-existing diseases, and surgical procedures. Unmatched in its clarity and depth of coverage as well as its robust multimedia features, this classic clinical reference brings you the very latest essential knowledge in the field, equipping you to effectively apply today’s standards of care and make optimal clinical decisions on behalf of your patients.

Why another basic textbook of anesthesiology? Some of the most classic texts on this topic have been published in many editions and have enjoyed popularity for decades, especially among trainees. Major clinical textbooks have likewise evolved through many editions, providing trainees and practitioners with extensive reference works. Our goal was to develop a text that bridges this gap. Essential Clinical Anesthesia is designed to be read cover to cover by trainees, but also to serve as a succinct and compact reference for more experienced practitioners. The format differs from most other texts by featuring a large number of short chapters. The book contains 29 sections and 184 chapters.The majo rity of these are found in the print version and the remainder, including some of the more advanced topics, can be accessed on the Internet

We have endeavored to keep the length of each chapter short enough to be read comfortably in a single sitting yet comprehensive enough to cover the basics as well as the state of the art. References are sufficient to allow the interested reader to delve deeper yet reasonable in number to allow the reader to focus on the most important works on the subject.
We have followed the lead of major textbooks by making this text a multi-authored work. More than 150 authors, all experts in their fields, have written the chapters, and experienced section editors have ensured accuracy and consistency of the format.Theastutereaderwillnotethatmanyauthorsarefrom Boston teaching hospitals but overall are drawn from institutions nationwide and beyond. We hope this provides a broad perspective on the field of anesthesiology. The editors wish to express their gratitude to Jerry Buterbaugh, Angela Butler, Jodi Edelstein, Dr. Joseph Garfield, Meghan Hurley, Dr. Robert Pilon, Dr. Matthias StopfkuchenEvans, Dr. George Topulos, and Barbara Walthall of Aptara, Inc. for providing valuable editorial assistance, and the editors appreciate the support of Cambridge University Press in the preparation of this textbook. We hope that Essential Clinical Anesthesia will prove to be a valuable textbook that will enrich the librarie.

Clinical Anesthesia, 8e PDF Free Download

Clinical Anesthesia, 8e PDF  Download

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