Cleft lip surgery a practical guide PDF download free

Cleft lip surgery a practical guide PDF download free

The idea behind this book is to explain in simple and clear terminology how a primary lip closure in a cleft patient can be performed. There are of course many excellent and beautiful textbooks as well as articles on cleft surgery, but here you find one with simple straightforward guidelines. We included many pictures, drawings and pictures to approach the subject three dimensionally. The focus is on the illustrations and not on the text. The methods presented here are well founded and universally recognized, but other and different techniques can lead as well to outstanding results.
The way to go is to build a vast body of experience in performing those surgeries repetitively—strengthened by a systematic and strong methodology. If you follow this book step by step, you have a framework to perform the surgery and the results will be very acceptable. Of course, postoperative results will improve with more experience. All of us, once, had to assimilate those surgical skills. It took time, discussion and growing maturity, and… it did not happen over night.
We hope this booklet can help you to improve your results over time and bring you to a point of confidence and no operational stress. There is still a great demand for people that can perform those surgeries, especially in developing countries. This booklet can be your guide and your rewarding friend.
Bart van de Ven, Marbella, Spain Joel Defrancq, Antwerp, Belgium l Maxillofacial Surgeons

Cleft lip surgery a practical guide

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