Cardiac Imaging: Illustrated Clinical Cases PDF Download

Cardiac Imaging: Illustrated Clinical Cases PDF Download

by Hussain, Shahid, Panting, Jonathan, Kiat Teoh, Jun

There are many modalities available to image the heart and this variety and number of scan types can prove to be daunting to radiologists and cardiologists. In addition, there are the numerous devices, stents, valves and other paraphernalia which are employed in the management of cardiac disease, which need to be recognised and identified when interpreting any of these various scans.

Containing 75 challenging clinical cases and illustrated with superb, high quality images, Cardiac Imaging covers a wide range of cardiac imaging problems from basic radiographic cases to more challenging and esoteric cases involving echocardiography, cardiac MRI, cardiac CT and myocardial perfusion imaging. The book uses an accessible format for quick assimilation. It remains an invaluable text for all radiology and cardiology professionals in practice and in training, from hospital-based doctors preparing for higher examinations to established physicians in their continuing professional development.

Editorial Reviews
 “… provides an overview of cardiac imaging modalities presented in a case-based format. … covers dozens of different cardiac pathologies and the imaging that helped to make the diagnosis or determine management. The cases are completely independent of one another… One may read this book to quickly gain a sense of the broad scope of cardiac imaging without being burdened with in-depth information about any single modality.”
―Leeor Jaffe, M.D., Ochsner Clinic Foundation

“It impressively covers the full gamut, encompassing plain film, echocardiography, catheter angiography, SPECT, CT and MRI―a range I have not seen in any other cardiac imaging case series I have read to date. The images are printed on excellent quality paper, and are suitably sized to identify the pertinent abnormality without resorting to a magnifying glass.”
―Jonathan Weir-McCall, Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow, Clinical Radiology, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee, UK

Cardiac Imaging: Illustrated Clinical Cases PDF Download

Cardiac Imaging: Illustrated Clinical Cases PDF Free Download

Cardiac Imaging: Illustrated Clinical Cases Ebook

Cardiac Imaging: Illustrated Clinical Cases PDF Download

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