Cancer Theranostics PDF Download

Cancer Theranostics PDF Download
by Xiaoyuan Chen (Editor), Stephen Wong (Editor)

Aiding researchers seeking to eliminate multi-step procedures, reduce delays in treatment and ease patient care, Cancer Theranostics reviews, assesses, and makes pertinent clinical recommendations on the integration of comprehensive in vitro diagnostics, in vivo molecular imaging, and individualized treatments towards the personalization of cancer treatment.

Cancer Theranostics describes the identification of novel biomarkers to advance molecular diagnostics of cancer. The book encompasses new molecular imaging probes and techniques for early detection of cancer, and describes molecular imaging-guided cancer therapy. Discussion also includes nanoplatforms incorporating both cancer imaging and therapeutic components, as well as clinical translation and future perspectives.

Supports elimination of multi-step approaches and reduces delays in treatments through combinatorial diagnosis and therapy
Fully assesses cancer theranostics across the emergent field, with discussion of biomarkers, molecular imaging, imaging guided therapy, nanotechnology, and personalized medicine Content bridges laboratory, clinic, and biotechnology industries to advance biomedical science and improve patient management

The term “theranostics” has been used by many different people in a variety of contexts. Over the past decade, the field of theranostics has evolved considerably and has seen spectacular advances in biomarker identification, new molecular imaging probes and techniques, imaging guided molecular therapy, and novel nanotheranostics.
The field is ripe to transform medicine as a whole and a greater dissemination of this knowledge can only speed its rate of acceptance and improvement. New physicians, researchers, and students working in this multidisciplinary field often ask how to blend in vitro diagnostics, in vivo imaging and therapy together for personalized medicine, and express the desire to have an authoritative textbook. This textbook, the first of its kind, is designed specifically to meet that demand, and is published in time to meet the needs of medical researchers in a comprehensive manner encompassing diagnostics, in vivo imaging and its use for image-guided therapy, and a variety of other miscellaneous subjects. To accomplish this daunting task we had the good fortune to recruit nearly 60 leaders in the field worldwide contributing to the twenty-six chapters. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the field, the book is broken into five different sections. Part I (In vitro Diagnostics) consists of three chapters. Many theranostic approaches for cancer are based on analysis of tumor biopsy samples removed from the patient and analyzed in a laboratory setting. Chapter 1 defines the term “theranostics” and provides an overview of the specific aspects of cancer theranostics. Chapter 2 reviews the advanced biotechnology and computational biology efforts necessary to identify novel genomic biomarkers needed for developing targeted imaging probes and therapeutics. Chapter 3 describes the application of bioinformatics methods to discover proteomic biomarkers that are helpful for early tumor diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.

Cancer Theranostics PDF Download

Cancer Theranostics Ebook Download

Cancer Theranostics PDF Free Download

Cancer Theranostics PDF Download

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