Cancer Survivorship: Today and Tomorrow 2007th Edition PDF Download

Cancer Survivorship: Today and Tomorrow 2007th Edition PDF Download
by Patricia A Ganz  (Editor)

This book provides the necessary information about not only the clinical aspects of caring for cancer survivors, but also the psychosocial impacts. There are multiple resources available to serve as oncology textbooks, but nothing to provide the necessary information on patient care for the non-MD members of the cancer patient management team. In the post-treatment phase, the management team must go beyond the realm of "conventional" follow-up, helping the patient to intellectually understand and emotionally grasp the path ahead. Cancer Survivorship will prove a vital tool to physicians, nurses, clinical social workers and mental health professionals.

As a survivor, I appreciate the fog of a new cancer diagnosis, when the world is upended and the future uncertain. It is at this time that cancer patients need expert guidance for a personalized approach to the least-complicated as well as the most-effective therapy. The inclusion of survivorship issues in training curricula and ongoing education of health care professionals, consideration of age and comorbidity in treatment planning, and prospective assembly of a multidisciplinary team to deliver both cancer and survivor care are necessary to accomplish this goal. As an oncologist and a cancer survivor, I recognize the need to coordinate care for the generations at risk for second cancers and other late complications and to make their health and social outcomes the subject of ongoing scientific inquiry.
The current era of molecular medicine brings hope that effective cancer treatments will be accompanied by fewer complications and greater success. It also presents the opportunity to incorporate survivorship research from the onset in clinical investigation, as we are now better able to understand the molecular basis of treatment complications as well as efficacy. All of these tools need to be brought to bear for the current generation of cancer survivors. This comprehensive volume brings us up-to-date with cancer survivorship for the moment and sets the stage for future developments. Congratulations go to the editor and the 42 contributing colleagues for this valued text

Cancer Survivorship: Today and Tomorrow 2007th Edition PDF Download

Download Cancer Survivorship: Today and Tomorrow 2007th Edition PDF Free

Cancer Survivorship: Today and Tomorrow 2007th Edition PDF Download

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