Breast Disease: Diagnosis and Pathology 1st ed. 2016 Edition PDF

Breast Disease: Diagnosis and Pathology 1st ed. 2016 Edition PDF
by Adnan Aydiner (Editor), Abdullah İgci (Editor), Atilla Soran (Editor)

The goal of Breast Disease Diagnosis and Pathologyis to provide a comprehensive, scholarly appraisal of contemporary basic science and diagnosis. 
Because of advances in molecular medicine and therapeutics, this appraisal  requires a more extensive understanding of the basic science of oncology than was required in the past. This book is organized into 16 chapters, and a brief summary of their content is provided below. In addition, we highlight some of the various important points in this book.
The topic of Benign Breast Diseasescovers a wide variety of conditions, both common and unusual, that may require additional work-up, excision, or surveillance. In addition, some benign conditions may confer an increased risk for future disease, and this risk should be explained to the patient during treatment for these entities. This section attempts to provide a basic understanding of some of the most frequently encountered benign breast conditions and various rare types, including current recommendations for work-up, management, differential diagnoses, and future surveillance. The specific conditions that are explored in this chapter include fibroadenomas, intraductal papillomas, lipomas,hamartomas, radial scars, and gynecomastia in males.
Age, family history, and both endogenous and exogenous ovarian hormone exposure have important effects on risk and have been incorporated into models that predict the individual risk of breast cancer. Diet, alcohol use, and other factors play smaller roles. BRCA mutation-associated breast cancer differs from sporadic breast cancer in that BRCA mutation carriers exhibit an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer and differential sensitivity to chemotherapeutic agents. Because BRCA genetic testing is readily available, BRCA mutation status should be evaluated in high-risk women, including women who were diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age and women with a strong family history or triple-negative tumors. Given the high rate of contralateral breast cancer and ovarian cancer, mutation carriers with newly diagnosed breast cancer may choose to undergo contralateral prophylactic mastectomy or bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. In addition, two selective estrogen-receptor modulators, tamoxifen and raloxifene, and aromatase inhibitors can be used to decrease the incidence of invasive breast cancer in women who are at high risk of this condition

This first of two volumes provides and in-depth account of breast disease characteristics, imaging and diagnosis. Covering from breast anatomy and tumor biology to benign and malignant lesions this is an indispensable companion for breast specialists, medical oncologists, radiologists and pathologists. The book is organised in themed parts exploring topics such as epidemiology, risk factors, genetic biomarkers, pathological evaluation of tumors and biopsy techniques.

With a high number of colored illustrations and edited by highly experienced clinicians, this work enables readers to gain an interdisciplinary perspective on breast diseases. Contributions from an international team of experts present invaluable insight into pathological and epidemiological aspects of breast disease. Covering both theoretical and practical aspects of breast cancer this is a highly informative and carefully presented book which will appeal to an international audience of breast cancer practitioners.

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Breast Disease: Diagnosis and Pathology 1st ed. 2016 Edition PDF

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