Berry & Kohn’s Operating Room Technique, 12e 12th Edition PDF

Berry & Kohn's Operating Room Technique, 12e 12th Edition PDF
by Nancymarie Phillips RN PhD RNFA CNOR (Author)

Berry & Kohn’s Operating Room Technique has been the text of choice for understanding basic surgical principles and techniques for more than 50 years. Highly readable, accurate, and comprehensive, it covers the "nuts and bolts" of surgical techniques in a format that makes it easy to effectively apply basic principles to clinical practice. Expert author Nancymarie Phillips emphasizes the importance of teamwork throughout, with practical strategies and examples of how cooperation among perioperative caregivers contributes to positive patient care outcomes.

Detailed coverage presents the fundamentals of perioperative nursing and surgical technology roles.A strong focus on the physiological, psychological, and spiritual considerations of perioperative patients gives you the knowledge you need to plan and implement comprehensive, individualized care. Discussions of perioperative patient care for both inpatient and ambulatory procedures highlights key considerations for each setting, as well as for individual surgical procedures. In-depth discussions of patients with special needs related to age or health status helps you learn to develop of a plan of care tailored to the unique care parameters of all patients.Helpful features such as chapter outlines with page numbers, chapter objectives, and key terms and definitions help you quickly find important information and focus your study time.
NEW! Over 50 new and revised illustrations reflect the latest perioperative procedures, techniques, and equipment.
Updated content ensures you have the latest information on key topics, including:
Computerized documentation
"Never Events" and reimbursement
Credentialing and certification
Bioterrorism and prion contamination
Surgical hand hygiene, gowning, and gloving
Wound healing and hemostasis
Surgical instrumentation
NEW! References throughout the text highlight the importance of evidence-based practice.
Expanded coverage in the Administration of Perioperative Patient Care Services chapter features managerial approaches to TeamSTEPPS and SCIP, as well as magnet status.
Updated physical plant information offers the latest 2011 updates concerning air-flow and room size according to AAMI standards.

This time-honored text has its roots in the operating room (OR) orientation manual created by Mary Louise Kohn in the late 1940s while working as an OR educator at University  Hospitals  of  Cleveland,  Ohio.  Her  impeccable  notes were a source of interest to many OR supervisors and educators who wanted to standardize their teaching techniques in  accordance  with  Mary  Louise’s  orientation  tool.  Many observers requested copies of her writings, and eventually the cost of providing copies became prohibitive.In  1951,  at  the  request  of  her  publisher  and  with  the encouragement  of  her  superiors,  Mary  Louise  assembled her  orientation  material  into  a  manuscript  suitable  for publication. She spent countless hours writing and revising material until the birth of her daughter. Her dedication to her family led her to seek assistance for this project from Edna Cornelia Berry, who became her willing partner and 
coauthor through the first four editions.
The first edition of Introduction to Operating Room Techniqueby Edna Cornelia Berry and Mary Louise Kohn was published in 1955. I was fortunate to have obtained a copy for my collection. The first edition was dedicated to “those nurses  who  accept  the  tension  and  challenge  of  coordinated  teamwork  as  they  minister  to  the  patient  in  the operating room.” The main emphasis was on intraoperative care of the patient.Berry  and  Kohn’s Operating  Room  Technique has  been the  perioperative  text  of  choice  for  57  years  because  it emphasizes the importance of the patient and presents the material in concise, understandable language. The name remains “Operating Room Technique” because that is how it  has  been  commonly  known  and  identified,  although the text has a comprehensive perioperative focus. It would be a disservice to our patients to merely describe the intraoperative phase and not include preoperative and postoperative care.Every new edition of this classic perioperative text has addressed  changing  roles,  needs,  and  evolving  technologies  while  maintaining  the  fundamental  focus  that  still remains valid—the care of the surgical patient. This edition of the text identifies the knowledge and skill needs of the caregiver and strives to incorporate components of patient care  from  preoperative,  intraoperative,  and  postoperative 
practice  areas.  A  systems  approach  is  introduced  to  help organize patient care to minimize the risk for human error.Berry and Kohn’s Operating Room Techniqueis designed to  meet  the  needs  of  educators,  learners,  caregivers  in diverse  disciplines,  and  managerial  personnel  who  care for surgical or interventional patients in many types of environments. Knowing the “why” of patient care is as important as knowing the “how.” Additionally, it is important to stress that outcomes must be evaluated to support  evidence-based  practice.  This  text  is  the  book  of choice for certification preparation in diverse disciplines and incorporates all elements of the core curricula specified by several accrediting and certifying bodies

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