Atlas of Minimally Invasive Hand and Wrist Surgery PDF

Atlas of Minimally Invasive Hand and Wrist Surgery PDF Download

Hand and wrist surgery is evolving rapidly and often, advances are directed at developing procedures that are less invasive, with smaller incisions and shorter rehabilitation times. Minimally Invasive Hand and Wrist Surgery is the only book devoted exclusively to these exciting new percutaneous and minimal access techniques for the treatment of chronic and traumatic conditions of the hand and wrist. Nearly forty procedures are described, with step-by-step details and abundant illustrations, all contributed by the leading international experts who are pioneering these new approaches.

Valuable medical reference books fall generally into one of two categories—authoritative, breakthrough information about new scientific, technical, or technological developments; or comprehensive, generally accepted, factual information on a particular subject. This textbook is a commendable example of the former.
This useful book will serve the reader well as a reference for the execution of many of the newest techniques in hand and wrist surgery. It includes well-organized chapters on the developments in minimally invasive procedures that can reduce the risks and inconveniences patients face in the surgical treatment of certain traumatic and degenerative disorders of the upper extremity. The references of these chapters will also stimulate additional reading of authoritative articles in the medical literature.
Orthopedic surgery—and hand surgery, in particular—has evolved into a specialty with brilliant potential based on advantageous new technologies, implants, and task-specific instruments. Technically assisted visualization, enhanced with the arthroscope, the intra-operative use of C-arm X-ray, and more extensive use of pre-operative magnetic resonance imaging, is discussed in great detail in this text. The pros and cons of various implant materials are reviewed with critical assessment. There is an enlightening chapter on the chemistry of osteo-inductive ceramic bone substitutes as they are becoming not only commonplace, but the mainstay for filling bone voids, replacing biologic bone graft tissues.
Extensive attention is devoted to internal fixation of small bone and distal radius fractures. Included are comparative biomechanical assessments of cannulated and compressive orthopedic screws, as well as the surgical details for their implantation. These fixation devices are used commonly today for acute fractures, nonunions and fusions of the small joints of the hand and wrist. Additionally, the rationale and techniques for minimally invasive fracture stabilization with external fixators and internal fixators, as well as the newer conceptual developments of extra-osseous and even intra-osseous nail plates and bridge plates, are discussed with superb illustrations and technical precautions.
New minimally invasive approaches to the treatment of common soft tissue problems are addressed with a background of extensive experience and a particular interest in patient safety. Included are compressive and entrapment disorders of peripheral nerves and tendons, and even minimally invasive approaches to Dupuytren’s contractures and tendon sheath infections. Although many minimally invasive surgical techniques are included for thoroughness, they do not uniformly represent the endorsement or recommendation of the authors. Accordingly, this text provides invaluable commentary on the pros and cons of each surgical technique and implant discussed, enabling readers to exercise their own judgment in the care of their patients. In summary, as the advantages of minimally invasive and less traumatic surgical techniques gain more widespread acceptance, Minimally Invasive Hand and Wrist Surgery provides a concise resource for most new developments in the treatment of bone and joint problems in the distal upper extremity.
It is a pleasure to commend the exceptional efforts that have gone into the organization, preparation, and illustration of this textbook. I am confident it will be an informative reference for hand surgeons well into the foreseeable future

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