Advances in Nutrition and Cancer

Advances in Nutrition and Cancer (Cancer Treatment and Research)

by Vincenzo Zappia (Editor), Salvatore Panico (Editor), Gian Luigi Russo (Editor), Alfredo Budillon (Editor), Fulvio Della Ragione (Editor)

This book comprises proceedings from the Third International Conference on Advances in Nutrition and Cancer, held in Naples in May 2012. This highly multidisciplinary meeting analyzed “nutrition and cancer” from different perspectives and on the basis of distinct and up-to-date experimental approaches.

Advances in Nutrition and Cancer (Cancer Treatment and Research)


Knowledge on the relation between lifestyle, diet, and cancer is explored in a number of contributions, and the role of dietary intervention in cancer patients is discussed. Issues of vital interest to the research community, such as epidemiological and experimental oncology (genetics, epigenetics, and the mechanisms of action of natural compounds in the diet), receive detailed consideration.

A further key topic is the emerging molecular technologies (the “omics”) that can cast light on the interplay between nutrition and human malignancies. Chapters take the form of reviews that include sections presenting expert opinions.

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