Acute Muscle Injuries 2014 PDF

Acute Muscle Injuries 2014 PDF
by Gino M.M.J. Kerkhoffs (Editor), Elvire Servien (Editor)

Acute muscle injuries present a high burden for all sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists, players, coaches and paramedics involved worldwide in and 
around the sport fields. This book creates a unique platform that covers the latest evidence on the main acute muscle injuries. 
Evidence-based medical content is combined with experience from medical experts from all around the globe in order to accommodate the reader with a full picture on the latest insights in terminology, basic healing aspects and treatment options for acute muscle injuries. Hence, the book Acute Muscle Injuriescontains interesting content to both medical and nonmedical individuals involved in sports participation

This book documents current knowledge and standards of care for acute muscle injuries. The full range of injuries is covered, including those to the hamstring, hip adductor, quadriceps, calf, pectoralis major, biceps brachii, latissimus dorsi and rectus abdominis muscles. Evidence-based content is combined with experience from medical experts from around the globe in order to provide the reader with a full picture of the latest insights into terminology, trauma mechanisms, basic principles of healing, diagnosis and treatment. Helpful diagnostic and treatment algorithms are included and clear guidance provided on ensuring optimal rehabilitation and rapid return to sports. The book is structured in such a way that it will serve as an ideal reference manual for orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists, general practitioners, paramedics, sports managers, athletes and coaches

Acute Muscle Injuries 2014 PDF

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