ABC of the First Year (ABC Series)

ABC of the First Year (ABC Series)

by Bernard Valman (Author), Roslyn Thomas (Author)

This well–established book gives clear guidance on normal development and how to diagnose and manage illness in newborn infants and babies.

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The sixth edition of the ABC of the First Year has been fully revised and updated to reflect the introduction of National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines, the reduction in universal screening and the increasing care of the newborn provided by family practitioners and midwives.

There are new sections on the recognition and prevention of obesity, which is an increasing problem. The reduction in universal screening has resulted in parents requesting advice about their child′s development at a variety of ages.

A Development Chart shows the age–related normal range in different abilities and activities and will enable family doctors, at a glance, to determine whether a parent should be reassured that an infant is normal or needs further assessment.

The inclusion of useful links and addresses of resources and organisations helps make the new edition of the ABC of the First Year an invaluable resource for GPs, midwives, paediatric nurses, health visitors and medical students, and an ideal companion to Bernard Valman′s ABC of One to Seven.

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Download ebook ABC of the First Year (ABC Series) pdf

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