ABC of Intensive Care – 2nd Edition

ABC of Intensive Care – 2nd Edition

By Graham R. Nimmo
Consultant Physician in Intensive Care Medicine and Clinical Education
Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK
Mervyn Singer
Professor of Intensive Care Medicine
University College London, London, UK

Patients who require intensive care are usually the sickest patients in hospital. This is evidenced by their high mortality, and survivors
may have persisting morbidities that may continue well after hospital discharge. They suffer from myriad diseases and can be referred
from a diverse range of clinical settings: the emergency department, operating theatres, wards and even outpatient clinics.

ABC of Intensive Care – 2nd Edition

They presentto intensive care when their diseases impinge on and impair the body’s normal physiological processes, resulting in organ failures that may involve one or a combination of respiratory, cardiovascular, renal, neurological, gastrointestinal, hepatic, metabolic or other systems. Multiple trauma and sepsis are two of the commonest conditions that lead to critical illness. In order for intensive care to be most effective the unwell patient must be recognized, treated and referred early. Their subsequent management in intensive care needs to be scrupulous.

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