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Auditory Mechanisms, Processes and Models: Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium, Portland, Oregon, USA: Proceedings of the Ninth … Portland, Oregon, USA, 23-28 July 2005 (2006-08-11)

This will be the ninth meeting in the workshop series "Mechanics of Hearing", which have been held every three years, the last in Titisee, Germany, in 2002. Some history of and motivation for the series is given under history.

The aim of the workshop is to promote the integration of innovative theoretical and experimental aspects of basic auditory research in order to advance our understanding of the mechanics of cochlear function.

This workshop will provide an intimate, casual setting to present and discuss the most recent findings and theories of peripheral auditory function. We hope to bring together the leading researchers working at the molecular, cellular and cochlear levels, using biological, mathematical and engineering techniques. Contributions related to the mechanics of non-mammalian auditory and vestibular systems, as well as other mechanotransducing systems are also encouraged. In addition, graduate and postdoctoral students will find this a unique opportunity to discuss their work and ideas.

To ensure high-quality scientific interaction, the number of oral presentations will be limited to about 50, with priority being given to innovative and comprehensive results. Posters are also encouraged, but are limited to about 50 and are particularly suited for presentation by young researchers at doctoral and post-doctoral level. The proceedings, including open discussion sessions, will be published.

Accompanying persons are most welcome. The workshop will include a half-day excursion and a banquet dinner. Special excursions will be offered for accompanying persons depending on demand.

The workshop brought together experts in genetics, molecular and cellular biology, physiology, engineering, physics, mathematics, audiology and medicine to present current work and to review the critical issues of inner ear function. A special emphasis of the workshop was on analytical model based studies. Experimentalists and theoreticians thus shared their points of view. The topics ranged from consideration of the hearing organ as a system to the study and modeling of individual auditory cells including molecular aspects of function. Some of the topics in the book are: motor proteins in hair cells; mechanical and electrical aspects of transduction by motor proteins; function of proteins in stereocilia of hair cells; production of acoustic force by stereocilia, mechanical properties of hair cells and the organ of Corti; mechanical vibration of the organ of Corti; wave propagation in tissue and fluids of the inner ear; sound amplification in the cochlea; critical oscillations; cochlear nonlinearity, and mechanisms for the production of otoacoustic emissions. This book will be invaluable to researchers and students in auditory science. 

Download Auditory Mechanisms: Processes and Models PDF

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